Today’s Prime Minister Sardar Manmohan singh Government Decision SHOCKED THE WHOLE NATION

Its night for me  and is remaining 15 minutes to 01 O’clock, I wake up because I could not sleep due to ANXIETY  OF THE FUTURE  of this Great Nation.

The first issue of the anxiety is the CREADIBILITY  of this Government. I think , the Government have dishonoured the way of GANDHIAN  AGITATIONS totally in this country. The way , dealing  such a crisis, is looking  that novices are running the Governmet without any brain and direction and future results.

The second one , this Governemnet have lost the FAITH and BELIEFS on the NATIONAL LEVEL by their own insincerity. They are jumping from  one branch to another, simply by their own reasons, unsatable in their behaviours without any resonsibility. The Nation is running on the mercy of those hands , which keeps away themselves from any RESPONSIBILITY and RESPONSIVENESS.

We are greatest DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY in the Globe. The whole world is watching our attitude and way of solving this problem, which we have today and agitation on ANTI CORRUPTION MOVEMENT. Are our leaders conveying the massage to the whole world, that DEMOCRACY SYSTEM of Governence is a system of full of corruption and there is no place for rectification, if it is brought in notice by the public and mass to clean corruption ?

The corrupted leaders are more powerful than the public , who sent them for serving the nation for FIVE years and they collectively are making MONEY without any interruption.  

This is an EXTREME STAGE of ANXIETY, everybody should think over it and draw a solution to the problem as early as possible.

I am shocked by the statements of the responsible POLITICIANS of this great country. It looks me that no body is interested in removing  Corruption, adversely they prefer to do corruption without interruption.


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